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Support Page

Welcome to our support page. We offer two levels of product support:



Level I:

Customers that have purchased from us (Bristol Business Machines)

check.gifFree unlimited technical support through email

check.gifFree 24-hour telephone support during warranty period

check.gifFree software and program updates during warranty period

check.gifComponent exchange program

check.gifCustomer program library maintenance


Level II:

Customers that have purchased through other vendors


Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide free technical or programming support for the entire global community on the products that we carry. We can however, offer the following valued services:


check.gifAccess to our reasonably priced support line during business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM NST) 

check.gifProgramming or Operator Manuals for most Casio models sent via email at a nominal fee of $17 US



Our Service Department Cash Register Tip Of The Week 1:


Check your batteries. The nickel cadium batteries in your cash register play an important role in maintaining your program when your cash register is uplugged or during a power failure. On most models there is a sticker on the right side of your cash register indicating when the batteries are due to be changed. Neglect your batteries and one day you will be confronted with the dreaded "E3" or Error #3, meaning that your program is lost and your machine needs to be re-initialized and completely reprogrammed, generally an expensive and extensive job. Some models have a battery compartment in the rear where you can change the batteries yourself, others are in the form of a "battery pack" within the machine.


Our Service Department Cash Register Tip Of The Week 2:


Baby your printer. The printer in the cash register is the only mechanical component within your cash register and is thus susceptible to wear. Have your printer cleaned and lubricated at least once a year, depending on use. Ideally, have a qualified technician perform this maintenance but if you would rather do this yourself, buy a tin of compressed air and a tin of light lubricating oil (WD-40 works well for us) from any electronic or hardware store. At first clean the paper dust from your printer using the compressed air. In lubricating the printer, lubricate the gears, bushings and the shaft that the printer carriage rides on. Do not be too free with the oil as oil on sensor units will give problems. It is not uncommon for proper care of a printer to extend the life of your cash register twofold.


Our Service Department Cash Register Tip Of The Week 3:

Use proper supplies. As with all products, there are degrees of quality that must be considered. Most customers disregard the quality aspect when purchasing supplies; a ribbon is a ribbon, a roll of paper is a roll of paper. The quality of the paper does make a large difference to the proper operations of your cash register. A paper with a high dust-content means an excessive amount of paper dust will accumulate within your printer, acting like little particles of sand-paper on the printer bushings and other mechanical parts. Consequently the life of your printer and your cash register in general is shortened. A poor quality paper that has low rigidity also means excessive paper jams. In addition to quality, also consider the size of the roll when purchasing paper and compare the number of feet (or metres) on the roll and not just the diameter of the roll as some rolls are wound considerably tighter than others. The quality of ribbons also plays an important factor. A poor quality ribbon with an excessive amount of "drag" will put added strain on your printer motor and shorten it's life. Worse yet, the ribbon may jam, necessitating an expensive and untimely service call. In addition, high quality ribbons have an added lubricant to the ink in the fabric of the ribbon which lubricates the print-head pins which are constantly firing as it prints. Lower quality ribbons do not have any lubricants.

Our Service Department Cash Register Tip Of The Week 4:

Maintain your program. Have a copy of your program printed and stored within the cash register paper compartment or somewhere secure on site. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your service representative. As programming changes are made, (price changes etc) update your program readout or mark the changes on the readout printed. This may become invaluable in the event of program corruption or program loss.

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